Director of Student Involvement: Sabrina Burri

Sabrina Burri (SPT)

Director of Student Involvement: Sabrina Burri (@SabrinaB_SPT)

Program: Duke University

Year: 2nd year

Fun Fact: “I am a dual citizen of the U.S. & Switzerland!”


What is the Director of Student Involvement?

The Director of Student Involvement (DoSI) position encourages the involvement of North Carolina PT & PTA students within their local communities, APTA North Carolina, and the APTA. The DoSI accomplishes this primarily through email, newsletters, and social media communication with Program Delegate representatives from each PT & PTA program and on an individual basis with interested students. The North Carolina Student Conclave (NCSC) and Summer Socials Project Committees are co-led by the DoSI and the Chair, in which the annual NCSC is planned and executed (typically in March) and social events are arranged in the summer months as a way for students to network and engage across North Carolina.