Director of Communications: McKinley Pollock

Pollock, Davidson[57]

Director of Communications: McKinley Pollock (@MPollockSPT)

Program: Campbell University

Year: 2nd Year

Fun Fact: I play bass for the majority of the East Coast gigs for the Nashville-based band “Cooper Alan”


What Exactly is the Director of Communications?

The primary responsibility of the Director of Communications (DoC) for the APTA NC SSIG is to manage all of the social media accounts that fall under the APTA NC SSIG’s name and relay any information that appears on social media to the appropriate board member. Furthermore, the DoC also organizes the APTA NC SSIG’s website, manages the APTA NC SSIG’s blog, and makes sure that the information on the website and social media accounts are up to date. Finally, the DoC also leads the APTA NC SSIG’s Blog/Engagement Project Committee (PC) in order to produce blog content that is representative of the current happenings in the lives of current SPTs and SPTAs.


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