Standing Ovation

In graduate school, they say to have a good balance. What if you do have a good balance, but the load is equally heavy?

Currently, the world is being exposed to Covid-19 and protests. It’s overwhelming from any perspective. Additionally, for some of us, the vigorous process of becoming a PT has not stopped. Instead, we are learning and adapting day by day.  For those whose programs have stopped, I imagine you are wondering what will happen next.

All of these important aspects of our lives should require all of our attention, but which one is more important? All of these thoughts that cross our minds on a daily basis for months upon months is beyond tiring, they are draining. I know everyone copes and expresses themselves differently so I can only imagine the mental impact you are experiencing.

So, I want to ask you all this:

How are you balancing the schoolwork, the virus, and the protests? How are you handling your own personal troubles? We are living in strange times right now. Our minds are full, but that fullness is shaping us to become excellent physical therapists. That feeling of fullness is because we are in a cycle of growth that consists of learning, questioning, explaining, and expressing ourselves. Experiencing growth is a win. No matter how big or how small that growth is, it counts. You are winning.

I encourage you all to keep that ambition and light in your eyes and learn from your surroundings because it will make a difference. It is making a difference. It is because of your ambition, your character, your growth that I want to give you a standing ovation.

Written by Tyanna Eaddy-Harris, SPT (Elon DPT c/o 2022)

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